Volunteer with us!

Why volunteer with us?

Rod McBride, volunteer for Wellness Wordworks

Rod McBride, graphic designer and documentarian for Wellness Wordworks

1. Learn skills like grant writing, social messaging, entrepreneurship, accounting, business creation, and networking.

2. Potential jobs in a quickly growing business.

3. Be in the ground level of creating nonviolent mental health revolution.

4. Learn web design and how to use the internet to market yourself to take part in the New Economy, Web 2.0

5. Have your suggestions and feedback heard and acted upon.

6. Find peer support.

7. Possibly be sponsored into the Missouri or Kansas Certified Peer Specialist training.

8. Learn about psychiatric medication discontinuation.

9. Get research publications that can promote your academic or consulting career.

10. Most important: Learn self-pacing, and self direction. I’m not looking over your shoulder, so these assignments that you choose can be set up on your own time. One of my best volunteers explained to me that many people have employee mentality and not entrepreneur mentality. These are the kind of projects that will teach you to build your own self-discipline and job skills. We need volunteers who are self-starters, and we’ll teach you those skills.

Volunteer application:

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