Advocacy Programs

Our advocates’ main job is to promote honest benefit / harm information about mental health programs. We also work to address funding black holes, mental health civil rights, social injustice, and peer employment.

UnDiagnosing Emotional Distress – This is a social messaging development community where we look for feedback and develop ways to talk about mental health that views emotional distress coming from mental diversity, current or past life situations, and feedback loops that people can get trapped it. Click here to join our Facebook Discussion group: Follow us on Twitter here:!/undiagnosing

Please Cut Our Budgets – Legislative Advocacy to share with state decision makers quick and simple ways to fund complete recovery instead of permanent disability.

Heartland Consumer Network:  –  This is a program of the Heartland Consumer Network, Missouri’s statewide mental health advocacy network.  The idea is that we can use a reproducible research based tool to find out how friendly a community is to mental health consumers. This is similar to how the League of American Bicyclists measures how bicycle friendly a city is. This is a participatory action research project.

Car-Free Challenge – Register for the Wellness Wordworks Team at to log any trips you make by walking, public transit, bicycling, or carpooling. This helps promote Wellness Wordworks while encouraging physical activity and more environmental transportation methods.