Karen Young: All Natural Lupus Recovery

Editors note: This story is written by Ken Braiterman’s neighbor, Karen, about her natural lupus recovery. She uses and sells homeopathic and nutrient products to manage her own natural lupus recovery and her son’s alleged ADHD.  Both refuse prescription medicine, which their doctors say is impossible.  

If you have ever felt chronic pain and or fatigue in your life, it masters its way into becoming a full time job in your life to defeat it. You keep your ears open to those around you who have been experiencing the same JUST IN CASE you might catch them talking about what works to alleviate it. You go on a quest for help – like my search for natural lupus recovery.

I never had to do this before. I never really cherished my health insurance plan until I was put through constant testing and served monster bills I couldn’t even start to pay for. I didn’t know anything about natural lupus recovery until I had to completely walk the path.

Believe that natural lupus recovery is possible:

Now if I said to you I had always been completely well and lupus came out of the blue, I couldn’t keep a straight face to save my life. I can’t remember NOT being sick when I was growing up. Now because I took charge and found my own route to natural lupus recovery, I rarely am not well.  There aren’t many times you will catch me being negative before I re-route myself into happy thoughts. This wasn’t how it was  3 years ago, but if someone were to shown me a glimpse into today, I wouldn’t have believed them. I had never heard of natural lupus recovery and didn’t think it was possible.

Natrual lupus recovery and patient advocates at the Partnership with Patients conference and 1000 mile swimmer Dave Cornthwaite

Natrual lupus recovery and patient advocates at the Partnership with Patients conference and 1000 mile swimmer Dave Cornthwaite

In early 2009 My left knee hurt in the back like I had been kicked while going upstairs. Since I was a nanny for small children at the time, I really thought I had pulled a muscle. I had just started working for a family with premature twins and was lucky enough to be able to nap when they napped which seemed like all through the day. I’d go home to my parent’s house, where my son and I were living temporarily. Sitting down for dinner, I could hide the wince as my right knee started up with the same pain.

It got tricky to avoid muscles I’d never taken for granted and though my fingers were the size of hotdogs, my parents take a long time to notice things. It wasn’t until the night my  mother handed me the bowl of mashed potatoes that my muscles in my hand couldn’t work to hold them up. With a thundering slam and a bit of flying potatoes, I’d been discovered. My mother looked like she had just woke up as she quickly pieced all the weird signs she’d seen together.

“Karen! What’s going on? What’s wrong with your fingers?!!” I knew it was to be followed with “I need to see a Dr.”  but in the weeks I’d been waiting until I got better, symptoms had piled up.

“I’m scared, I can’t sleep, My arms get locked at the elbows, I can’t move.” I started crying. Sobbing, all the while thinking I had cancer. I didn’t tell her I was in a shoe a whole size higher. She hadn’t seen me slip out into the snow with slippers. It was all out now.

Yet I put off the diagnosis. That’s right, I didn’t call my Dr. right away. I waited until I sat down at my ex husband’s house, after dropping my son off to stay the night. The two flights of stairs taking all my energy. I could not maneuver my body into the movement necessary to lift myself  up from his recliner. Even then I opted for my house to sleep for half of the day before I checked into emergency.

Months of misdiagnosis:

Tell your natural lupus recovery or any other kind of patient advocacy story - we are the evidence!

Tell your natural lupus recovery or any other kind of patient advocacy story – we are the evidence! The summary slide from the Partnership with Patients conference.

Immediately I was given a prescription for prednisone, and thrown into a month long misdiagnosis of Lymes. I was prodded, tested, poked with needles, to finally come up with a solid diagnosis of systematic Lupus. (It sounded like a car manual and no one ever talked to me about natural lupus recovery.)

My family has a history of a degenerative eye disease and my Lupus treatment caused blindness. It catapulted me into so many side illnesses with the promise it would balance my overactive immune system and I would get “better.”  Instead, I got The Swine Flu.  That, my friend,  is when I stopped letting my illness control me. I finally decided to get off my bottle of side effects and find a natural lupus recovery program. I decided to take complete charge.

It is because of that quest, I started reading the works of Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay. I used to roll my eyes at Louise Hay because my  mother listened to her on tape and her words were too deep for me at 15 years old. Having gone through a tapestry of negative events throughout my life, I have been forced to try to find a positive spin. It is so deeply embedded that I don’t have to force it to happen anymore. It just does. If I can battle through an illness that electrifies my joints and leaves me exhausted, find an alternative to medicine that has never failed for me, why wouldn’t I try to help others out and lead them on their own alternative route for natural lupus recovery?

Now when I go into the emergency room I am greeted by two kinds of people. The first are the people who ask me who my practitioner is. I don’t have one. They then read Lupus and actually lecture me BEFORE asking me a bunch of questions due to their fascination of knowing NOTHING about what Lupus is.  Usually I have a fever for some reason that brought me to the emergency room in the first place. This leaves me less than excited about explaining something I’m not being treated for.

The second is the Dr. that comes in after all my blood tests and cultures come back gleaming and clear.  Blood counts are perfect and urine cultures are usually declared as the cleanest in their history of testing. One time while the Dr was sending me off with pain killer and explaining my acute back pain,  he kept stopping to tell me he can’t get over how healthy my tests came back. Yet as soon as I tell them I am not on Lupus medications most will lecture how lethal Lupus can be and that I really should be seen regularly because I have it.  Then they will tell me how little Dr’s know about Lupus.

So I chose a path to natural lupus recovery, because it worked for me.

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