Spam filtering tools and the funniest ever blocked spam comment

Blocked spam comment so lost in translation it’s a masterpiece.


My fiance Rod, who rode to work today in 8 degree wind chills, loves bad translations like this blocked spam comment

My fiance Rod, who rode to work today in 8 degree wind chills, loves bad translations like this blocked spam comment

My fiance, Rod,  wrote this cool blog about a printing machine at Almar Printing where he works. Evidently it was something like Finnish translated to English by Japanese speakers. Rod references a collection of essays by his favorite author, David Sedaris, called, “When You Are Engulfed in Flames,” the same kind of problem found in a hotel room.  This blocked spam comment was so funny I had to do the same.

I use Askimet to help me sift through my blocked spam comments. For the most part it keeps the robots out and the people who obviously haven’t read my blog. When I was using, that host blocked spam comments well for me. I moved to a self-hosted site but still powered by  (here is a description of the difference between and and all of sudden I thought, “Yeah, I’m getting comments.” But most of them were just worthless praise without any content. Some of them were even worthless and generic condemnation as if that might work better somehow.

I would reccommend most people getting new to website design to set up an account with a web host. I use In Motion hosting and host 6 sites for the same price. is good if you have absolutely no budget, but that doesn’t allow you to have ads or sell products or use Google analytics or modify your theme, and I’ve done all of these from the first. The worst thing is that if your blog starts getting some traffic and you want to self-host later, disables much of the export capability.

This blocked spam comment took the cake:

We entitled you earnestly on your expert. We are the largest wholesaler of welding pneumatic-profile in the
Wielkopolska region [in Poland]  and a chairman in providing high quality tackle in search warehouses, shops, utilities, industrial plants, garages, and mixing paints. For the duration of on 20 years we stocking customers with products known and trusted brands such as: compressors Shamal, Kompressoren thorough compressors, disperse stretch guns Vip GalaGar semi-automatic welding, welder Welder Fantasy.

Because we are direct and exclusive importer of the materiel we can offer the a- prices and bright availability of ordered products. Currently, skilled in the subterfuges warehouse apparatus supplies [ah, like Big Pharma, so maybe here’s where my site comes in] specific thousand warehouses and stores everywhere the Smoothness and European Fusion countries, which puts us at the forefront of inhabitant and universal importers of pneumatic-welding equipment.

We present the highest quality coerce compressors and reciprocating compressors, lay out guns, air preparation clobber, distribution systems, compressed superciliousness and pneumatic connections and hoses. [Aren’t these retired mental health treatment tools?] We also tender a sizeable range of welding tools, from welding clobber and accessories, and offensive protective equipment. Our customers can determine the most a la mode devices based on the most new worldwide trends in technology. All our products are covered alongside 12 month covenant and have a complex boot and additional certifications or documents required in the service of the equipment.

These blocked spam comments can be used for search engine optimization. Here’s a story about how Google busted JC Penny for trying to gimmick their search engine optimation.  I like  having a good filter to sort through but the free version of Akismet seems to be doing well enough so far. To use it for WordPress, go to and sign up for an account. They are free for personal blogs. Then Akismet will email you a code, called an API key, that you paste into your blog’s plug in. Then you can optimize a few settings. If the above paragraph was in Greek to you, then when Wellness Wordworks is launched, our instant peer support line will be glad to handle these kind of questions.

If you can describe how to filter blocked spam comments on other content management platforms like Blogger, Drupal, Blogspot, Joomla, or whatever you use, we’d love to know. Take just a second to comment on this blog and help expand out knowledge base.

What do you use for your blocked spam comments? What filter works best for you?

4 comments to Spam filtering tools and the funniest ever blocked spam comment

  • Hey, thanks for the link to the article showing the difference between the 2 kinds of WordPress install.

    The main comment spam plugins are :

    1. Akismet as you mention. It won’t stop *you* getting spam comments, but it’ll keep them away from your readers.

    2. Mollom . It’s a bit like Akismet but it protects all of your forms e.g. contact forms as well. Similar set up to Akismet, but it’s a bit harder to find the API key

    3. Disqus, which is basically a way to outsource the management of comments

    Good luck with them.

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