Bump up the Connect Power Buzz Factor

What is our Connect Power Buzz Factor?

Online buzz is a measure of social messaging impact. It’s the amount of tweets, Facebook shares, You-tube videos, Tumblr posts, and social engagement around a certain issue. For instance, my thought is that this year, the presidential campaign will show us the importance of buzz compared to corporate funding of campaigns. To a large extent, money can’t buy our interest, so buzz is a good measure of which political party is truly grassroots. This might be the first campaign where our aggregate voices are louder than all of the political ads.

You can help us to create just a small amount of Connect Power buzz factor for our campaign to fund our online community to help create mental health revolution. In two minutes you can impact powerful ideas about how people are helped through a situation of emotional distress. We can completely recreate the paradigm for mental health care.  Wellness Wordworks has two crowdfunding campaigns up right now. The more comments and likes and shares these have, the more likely they are to be funded! Two minutes to make a difference, plus you get vote for your priorities.

What is the Connect Power Project?


Click this link to boost our Connect Power Buzz Factor:

On Indiegogo there is a campaign to fund an online community where people can share and build personal power to overcome adversity.


Take two minutes now and share, like, or comment on these campaigns, and of course you can donate as well. Let’s make it happen! We have 18 days left to get funding for this project.

Bump up the Connect Power Buzz Factor!


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