By Beth Quinn – Herding Cats Was My Way of Life

Herding Cats

Herding Cats

I used to have 47 cats.  I loved them all. Some had extreme behavior, some damaged by life on the ranch, some born without all their parts or too many, some very timid, and some very bold.

Scratches, fighting and smelly days happened here and there, but just became part of our life together after a while.

Herding Cats to the Mailbox Daily

Each day I would walk to my mailbox a quarter mile down a country lane.  As I walked, I would sing my songs, and watch generations of cats follow me, meowing as if “singing” along with me.

The first generation would walk within a few yards of my feet, and the later generations would follow, like rings in a tree trunk, bopping in the wheat field, or chasing another’s tail.

At the end of our trek, every cat would jump into the limbs of a gigantic juniper tree which grew above a pond. What a sight to see, as they pounced about, looking like holiday tree ornaments. My neighbors watched and talked, but were awed at what we had done, claiming our tree.

Herding Cats T-Shirt

Herding Cats T-Shirt

Moral of the story – Herding cats is possible with sharing of songs.

Do you still think herding cats is a crazy idea?

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