By Liza Casey — “I Get By With “a Little Help From My Friends”

 More  than usual lately, I am thankful for my friends. The other day, when I as sick, I was surprised by housework help, and two Hershey’s Special Dark chocolate bars.
Peerts "get by with help from my friendfs"

Peers “get by with help from my friends.”.

The quality of my life and stress level improved tremendously when my friends Becki and Todd did household chores which were overwhelming to me because of physical pain. A cold and/or inclement weather made  vacuuming my stairs, taking out my garbage, and bringing my mail inside a strain for me.

How My Friends Got Me Through a Bad DakotaWinter

Recently, Fargo has had several blizzards and 20-below wind chills. My  arthritis, bad cold, and fibromyalgia were slowing me down — for the second time in three weeks. When my physical pain deepens, I do my best to avoid contact with my stairs. They hadn’t been vacuumed in several weeks. While Todd vacuumed, Becki made the heroic trek around the snow piles to my dumpster; then, the mailbox. It seemed a big effort to get dressed, to do that. We also got to catch up a little over a brief Big Bang Theory episode.

      Another friend I am thankful for lately is Karol. She has stuck with me through some bad times, forgiven me for some bad behavior and ultimately focused on my positive points. This has taught me a lot about forgiveness and grace. Hence, I think I’m growing into a more understanding, patient person. This is part of why we’re having more good times together and are looking forward to more.

Did my friends get me by with a little help, like the Beatles’ song?  How could you find friends like mine?

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  • Karol

    I appreciate the mention in this blog, however, I had some shameful behavior that I was also forgiven for. Love and understanding and forgiveness, we are given freely so we should give it freely.
    I’m proud of you, Liza, for the positive changes you are making and recognizing that we all need a little help from our friendS!