Emotional distress causes psychosis

Sometimes it’s not genetic: how Emotional Distress causes psychosis, and not the other way around

The main reason to talk about emotional distress instead of a disease based approach is that it’s more accurate. The well shared theory is that genetic predisposition causes psychosis which causes emotional distress. However, when you look at the details, you’ll find that instead it’s the other way around. Emotional distress causes psychosis which causes genetic change. Many times the root cause is not genetic at all.

Genetic research leads to evidence that emotional distress causes psychosis

The claim that’s been made for many years

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Overcoming Distress, Building My Capacity for Happiness

Thanksgiving, 2011

2011 has been the happiest year of my life. 2010 was the second happiest. I have more friends, more close friends, more and better activities, and stronger connections to the community than ever before. I’ve been aware of that for some time. But this Thanksgiving, I began to feel something new: I am successfully building my capacity for happiness.

Ken Braiterman

Sitting in temple a week before Thanksgiving, I had the feeling that I belong here. I’m connected to the people in this congregation. Until now, I was like the old Groucho Marx joke: “I

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Medicating troubled teens and younger children

by Ken Braiterman

Medicating troubled teens did not exist when I was one.

Far too often, doctors and school officials present medicating troubled teens and younger children to parents as relatively risk free, the only option, not one of many. Both those statements are demonstrably false, though many children are helped by medicine in the short term.

Medicating troubled teens and younger children has gone on long enough to study long-term outcomes, which look increasingly disturbing.

Outcomes of Medicating Troubled Teens

In the award-winning Anatomy of An Epidemic (2010), Robert Whitaker says, “Twelve of 15 studies of

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How I Overcame Emotional Distress vs. Disease

Ken Braiterman, Board Chair of Wellness Wordworks, a proponent of emotional distress vs. disease

My experience of learning how to handle emotional distress vs. disease

Welcome to Wellness Wordworks’ site. My name is Ken Braiterman, Wellness Wordworks board chair. I’ll be blogging at this site about overcoming emotional distress vs. disease. Our business is changing the mental health system from a “disease model” to a “distress model.”

I will also write about my personal recovery from being a homeless, psychotic, traumatized cab driver in New York City. I journey through being a mental patient, to a recovery advocate,

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