Clif Wright – Mental health talks that just focus on problems limit us

I mean to be helpful, clumsily sharing some of the most powerful things I know:

1) that its all about personal responsibility
2) that everthing we need to deal with whatever is challenging us is alresdy there,and
3) the “focus on problems” conversation we’re having mostly keeps us from the power to solve problems

I’m certain now that people most readily believe what they come to discover for themselves.

I’ve discovered (been shown) that the usual conversations we have about the biggies we face are usually circular or dead end debates, mostly about whose right, who’s or wrong, etc. – controversy and conflict above all else. Everything that could, or is, “working” gets smothered by this: our love, passion, and our integrity. I try not to not indulge in it, which ain’t easy. Hence, my stance is do your own homework.

And finally, as I’m write this, a a spot-on quote comes on the TV that says what I experience: “The more we dwell on our misfortunes the greater their power to harm us”

Said another way, we always have a choice: focus on the problem or on the possibilities,

A mentor put it this way: “Shit happens. When it does, you can either dig it or you bitch about it. That’s all of it.”

Most folks focus on the problems, bitch about whats wrong. If we live that way, we get the incredible unworkability that characterizes damn near every conversation and action we take, in damn near every area where we need most to act powerfully and collectively.

Knowing those 3 things — sharing and acting from them — has enabled me to do the very best work I’ve done in my life; to find a way out of “no way,” and to help empower others similarly.

Controversy, conflict, disagreement, accusation, consternation, I’m offended, we’re offended, she’s offended yada yada yada…”
is pretty much is as good as it gets most of the time, and pretty much the first reason shit ain’t working.
and pretty much why the kids in Sandy Hook, and consumers, can pretty much expect more of the same.

Google is an incredible wealth of knowledge, the greatest ever amassed and made accessible, and
the power of self-discovery. Great stuff. perhaps the greatest stuff and the highest compliment or sign of respect. Like I said we choose to dig it or bitch about it. .That’s all of it. For me, it’s the first, and most important choice I ever made, and always make.

In conflict and controversy, the story, and what’s politic (in damn near all circumstances) trumps the truth. It’s deadly and deadening. always. Worst, it keeps us from getting to what might work. Nothing works in the morass. And

My school-age grand kids won’t be any safer because of anything said or done that spirit. Every solution they’re offered brings with it some really onerous possibilities, like not dealing with the real problem.

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