Ann Burgess – We all need to contribute to society

It is critical to remind each other and ourselves as often and with as much charitable love as possible of how “whole” health requires being a critical cog/voice/contributer to something greater than ourselves. I have not yet found the basic ways to “realistically” ever be a parent quite yet.

I have not totally given up, it’s not all that matters to me, but I’m getting a little bit old to be a brand new parent. This is in spite of getting younger in so many practical ways as I learn more about how to contribute to society… As tough as things have gotten lately, the data will do me in by holding the line. So I work to find another way to offload that need for responsibility in me as I keep feeling a need to contribute to society.

One of the participants at Missouri's Statewide Consumer conference models Gandi's famous statement for a need to contribute to society.

One of the participants at Missouri’s Statewide Consumer conference models Gandi’s famous statement for a need to contribute to society.

I use some essential acknowledgment and effort from myself to keep following the light. Even if I cannot get the essential acknowledgement I feel sure I require.  It’s hard not to rotate/grind away on my own axis here, even though it most certainly is not all about me. I do not eat, sleep, breathe just for myself. This knowledge of my role, my need to contribute to society is an essential part of my being.

Alternative treatments help people contribute to society

I, nevertheless, keep going because I have some expectations at work, some opportunity and expectation that, of course, I’ll keep growing in my ability to contribute to society. My preferred alternative, Dahn Yoga & Healing and my teachers here help out immensely…. I don’t know about others, but many peers with whom I work may never get the chance, again, it seems. Somehow we have to do something so we can all experience the blessing that feels like a curse and a blessing, sometimes. We all need to be a part of  what needs to revolve.

It’s time to do some training… and keep on reminding myself, if I keep on looking for the way about the line I feel it’s totally irresponsible to drop, I will not be doing it alone, either.

How do you plan to contribute to society?

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