Don’t Have a Job? – Build Your Own!

Press release, Wednesday, November 28, 2012:

Don’t have a job? Make your own job.

Thanks so much for RSVPing yes or maybe to our Connect Power site build day this Thursday. Or thinking about it which is why you clicked this post. What if you knew Mark Zuckerburg before Facebook? What if you were a founding member? Well, I’m cocky enough to think this might be true for me.

I am running this open house style from 9am to 9pm, so feel free to come by any time during that day. My address is in Kansas City, KS. It’s right on the 106 bus line, get off at 18th and [message for details]. Or it’s a 4 mile bike ride from downtown KCMO.

Claus is one of our awesomest volunteers who may be able to come to the party / hackathon / website build day.

Claus is one of our awesomest volunteers who may be able to come to the party / hackathon / website build day.

Basically, we are moving forward on building the website that will allow people to help each other out of a need for mental health care. I have a bare bones site you can see up now at http;// It has links to other information about our business model. We are using WordPress and Buddypress to build this online community, but you don’t need programming experience. Bring a laptop if you have one. I’ll try to have 4 workstations set up here, 3 PC and one mac. This is a hackathon, where we try to get as much code done as possible, and all talents are welcome. If you want to learn how to do any of the things below, now is the time to learn.

We’ll be:

  • building a collection of other mental health bloggers to recruit as a potential affiliate network
  • looking at patient communities for other health conditions to see what we can learn from them
  • reading information about time banking to see how people can make 19 way barters
  • Looking at our financial spreadsheet to check assumptions about income and expenses
  • editing raw video we have of people talking about what gives them personal power
  • changing WordPress themes for this website, adding wordpress plug-ins and an online store
  • show a member map to chart our growth
  • writing content about how the site works, rules, user agreements, and how people can volunteer for us
  • writing blogs to start the site with fresh content

Thanks so much for your interest.


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