Free Two Day Conference in Topeka for Kansans

Want to learn social media? Want to build your own job?  Register Now!  Spaces must be confirmed by Feb. 21!

Want to get connected with other people that know about complete mental health recovery? Become a certified “patient” advocate who can make a living helping people overcome their health care challenges? We can get you started!

Click here to be a Kansas Grassroots Advocate!

For only ($20, and there is a waiver for that $20) join the Kansas Mental Health Coalition to learn about grassroots advocacy. They have grant funding for hotel, food, and some travel reimbursement. We;ll have the evenings free for a consumer/survivor/ex-patient  unconference. This is where we all get together, people pitch different ideas to talk about, and the most popular ideas become presentation topics. Then we just split up in the hotel and make it happen. Vote with your feet.
You get a nice hotel room, some great meals, a chance to present your knowledge, and you connect with other experienced advocates. You’ll learn from lots of people very marketable online skills, advocacy roles for “patient” centered medicine, and how to find government funding to create new programs.
  • Tuesday, March 11 5pm – 6 pm – Networking and gathering (hotel spaces for people driving more than 4 hours)
  • Tuesday, March 11 6pm – 8 pm – Unconference, intial presentations
  • Wednesday, March 12 9am – 5 pm – Interactive grassroots advocacy training
  • Wednesday, March 12  6pm – 9 pm – Unconference, share your material and skills
  • Thursday, March 13 9 am – 11 am – KS Advocacy Day position papers(First peer support paper ever! Spoken word poetry!)
  • Thursday, March 13 11 am – 3 pm – In-capitol event: Meet with legistators, Interactive unconference meet-ups, psychiatric survivor social media skills assessment appointments.
1. Click here to APPLY for the Grassroots Advocacy Network. (The conference registration will come in an email response). Do this ASAP as spaces must be confirmed by Feb 21!

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