The Sacred Now, and the Scared, Scarred Mind

The Sacred Now: The Passover Traditional Meal (Seder)

The Sacred Now: The Passover Traditional Meal (Seder)

Have you ever experienced a moment when your mind was quiet. still, and had nothing to say?  Have you ever noticed that your mind pictures what’s coming as far worse than it turns out to be?  And have you ever realized that your mind is truly boring and repetitive and drives you nuts?

Welcome to the growing realization that the Mind has outgrown it’s place in a balanced world.  Without the mind, we are present in the Sacred Now.  We can directly experience the world as it is being created, and directly experience the Divine moving through the world.  Jill Bolte Taylor writes about her experience of no mind in her book “Stroke of Insight.”

Humans experience the Divine movement in the world as emotion. What happens when the mind experiences emotion?  Mine immediately says anything that will stop the emotion and change it to fear.  Fear is the realm of the mind. The mind can only create fear.

Notice when you are afraid.  What are you afraid of?  If it is an oncoming bus, that is fear in its life saving form.  However, more often my mind has created the fear by mentioning the past or the future.

Surprisingly, the past and the future really do not and never will exist!

The past is not now, it is only something your mind has stored. And it stores memories by emotion and by symbols and by what you believe.  Seldom is a memory the actual event, rather it is a story your mind tells you about what it thinks happened. And the future?  Obviously that doesn’t exist either.

Getting to the Sacred Now

Wild horses on Assateague Island, Maryland

Wild horses on Assateague Island, Maryland

So how do we get to the Sacred Now,and out of the Scared and Scarred Mind?

First, we begin to develop an observer of our mind.  The observer simply watches what is going on in the mind.  This  gradually becomes more and more effective with practice.

The observer comments on the mind, helping you to see that you are not your mind.  The mind is really meant to be a helper, not the leader, not the only voice to which we listen.  You cannot stop the mind very often, but you can begin to no longer automatically believe it.

In addition to observing the mind, two practices are helpful.  One is meditation in which you set aside 15 minutes or so a day to observe the mind without outside interference.  This is very helpful in developing the observer.

The second practice is to feel your emotions. Stay with the emotion until it moves onto another emotion on it’s own accord.  See what happens to the mind while you are in an emotion.  Does the mind stop? Or does it hijack the emotion by interjecting a thought about how fearful it is to feel?

A teacher is invaluable in  getting to the Sacred Now.  A teacher points out where your mind has tripped you up and sent you down the rabbit hole.  Just remember if the thought is about the past or the future, suspect the mind is at the bottom of the mess! Good luck!

What might help you let go of your mind and experienced “the Sacred Now?”



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