Have an adventure every day!

This weekend we competed in The Trashboat Regatta. I like to have an adventure every day…. and this was mine. I hauled the boat down to the river and when I got there people asked if I knew a 1000 mile swimmer was going in. I put a note on his Facebook page and asked him to visit the conference I was at on the river over the weekend.

Me with Dave Cornthwaite and Ben Stiff from his crew. Alicia Staley is on the right. We all want to adventure every day in patient advocacy

Me with Dave Cornthwaite and Ben Stiff from his crew. Alicia Staley is on the right. We all want to adventure every day in patient advocacy

It was kinda deja vu….People get so impressed when I ride by bike across one state, yet I know my adventure every day is nothing compared to some people. On one bike trip, where I was riding from Kansas City to Wichita,  I ran into the Race Across America ride where people ride across the entire US in eight days without stopping or sleeping. Those are the people that impress me. And this guy, Dave Cornthwaite, swimming 1000 miles impressed me so much with his adventure every day that I might take the weekend off and follow him down the river.

He passed by and pulled up on the bank and I ran down the bank to invite him up. Everyone from the conference was amazed to see him and asked questions and posed for pictures. Since I’ve done a lot of bicycle touring, I knew a bit of the demands of that kind of trip, looking for fresh food, water, electricity to charge phones and cameras, and above all, sometimes….a hot shower.

He posed with Regina Holliday’s walking gallery of patient advocacy stories. He told this awesome story about the need to adventure every day. I transcribed the video since the audio fades in and out. You can hear me laughing in the background since what he was saying was so preposterous.

Swimming 1000 miles, but “I’ve never swum before this…”

We’ve going for seven weeks….The largest challenge was simply…. I’m not a swimmer. I’d never swum more than 300 before the day I jumped into the river in Chamberlin, ND on August 10. Challenge number one was let alone, learn how to swim. You can ask my teammates and it was a very slow and painful process. The wonderful thing about this journey is that my team weren’t paddlers, and they’ve never been on a big river before this journey….

Aside from the charitable aspects, the message from CoppaFeel, the message is: I think it’s really, really important that people embrace  adventure every day, doing things that develop the substance of people. Saying  “Yes,” is our mantra. There’s an adventure in your kitchen if you want to find it.  It’s so easy to forget the beauty of the universe and my policy is to do something brand new each and every day.  We’re certainly doing that on this trip. We have 12 days left to reach St. Louis….

Dave Cornthwaite, the 1000 mile swimmer, says, “Have an adventure every day….”

How can you find adventure every day?

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