Do some people really need meds?

Do some people need psych meds?

Do some people need psych meds?

I know someone who had a seemingly bona fide diagnosis of schizophrenia, including psychotic symptoms, which was caused by trauma. He evidently needs to do more to deal with the trauma, yet has also apparently needs psych  meds to quit experiencing psychosis.

In another case, I worked as a home health aide with a man with schizophrenia whose cause for schizophrenia I did not know.  But it was clear to everyone around him that he needs psych meds to quit talking about bizarre stuff (like us supposedly trying to poison his dinner, or his imaginary friend).

Will Psych Meds Help This Friend?

I have a friend in jail right now for an addiction relapse. The chief reason it’s been hard to quit is because he didn’t get mental health help when he needed it. He’s suffered from chronic depression and anxiety all of his life, as verified by him and his mother.

He’s also had a “hell of a life,” so it’s not clear to me if these issues are trauma-based, inborn or both. But he told me he would like to try anti-depressants again because he “can’t stand the psychological anguish”. That’s despite the fact that he’s been on several wrong drugs, eventually built tolerance to the right one, and has since been screwed by the system (and is still being screwed).

So it seems he needs psych meds, if he can just find a competent, caring and available provider, and the right drug, at least for right now. one that also wouldn’t create long-term toxic physical emotional, or cognitive side effects that hold back his life.

Psych Meds Don’t Help My Trauma

On the other hand, I’m not sure I’m really “depressed” or “anxious.” I’ve always been naturally optimistic and determined, yet realistic and sensitive. I’ve had hospital and therapist traumas, with the exception of my most recent therapist. I have been labeled, and think that it is plausible to get off of pills at some point.

Psych meds are not an answer for me.  I can still feel suicidal on depression medicine if I’m not dealing well enough with issues which caused this most recent depression. But since my medicine works, with no serious known side effect, I’m still take some.  I will plan on tapering off when I am ready.

I’m also on a tranquilizer (my anxiety was even diagnosed temporary) and a sleeping pill (possibly permanent).  I hope to taper off, as I can no longer stand the short-term amnesia, and drug tolerance for the ONE pill I’ve found so far that works.

I consider my problems mostly trauma-based with a label, although my formal diagnosis of insomnia is fair.  So is my informal diagnosis of Highly Sensitive Person.

I’ve met others at support groups who legitimately weren’t sure they had a mental illness, or at least the one they were diagnosed with. I see mixed stories on this site (although more about people being labeled and screwed by the system).

There’ are  two sides to this story, as I’ve said before.

Some need psych meds; others don’t.  Do you or someone you love?

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