Some Non-Demonimational Tools for Removing Spiritual Beings

Editor’s note: This information came from a person in Kansas who works with spiritual emergencies and gave me some advice about removing spiritual beings. She also says to check out the STAR center resources, and the Spiritual Emergency blog. She emailed me throughout my recent spiritual emergency and gave me permission to share her suggestions without identifying information.

You can read about my story here and how I went about removing spiritual beings: It was tough to coordinate both a Christian and a non-denominational approach, but I found it both useful and essential. Unfortunately, the Christians weren’t supportive of anything outside their approach.

How can you handle a spiritual life that includes more than just angels, demons, and the Holy Spirit, and what about removing spiritual beings like that?

These are BIG questions, and also why I find that there are few religious organizations that practice from a place of true openness. It just happens that way… amazing mystic journeys and truths ultimately devolve into dogma. Few people trust that revealing edge of the universal creative force, and think they can control it through containment, repetitive activities and constraining words. But that moving force is freedom itself. So therefore I believe most of all in that.

Experiencing nature like this fall prarie is a good way to cleanse the soul.

Experiencing nature like this fall prarie is a good way to cleanse the soul.

Basic advice for removing spiritual beings:

Now in terms of my advice to you: stay home, reground yourself, keep calm, get the shadowy stuff in your first email to retreat, clear the drugs out of your system with juicing, veggies, whole grains, and positive movement. Do only wholesome activities for the next several days so you can keep working on removing spiritual beings from your life.

Consciously put the discarnate BEINGS INTO THE EARTH, WHERE THEY CAN BE EVOLVED.  Believe me, I have had to deal with beings like that, and they are not helpful, even though at times they are very clever. The voice hearers network did not have them in mind. Pray for them to evolve and go on.

Are there any good beings? Good voices? Sure, The still small voice within has a pretty good track record. I’ll tell you sometime about having my life saved on multiple occasions by “my voices.”  But you know if the voices try to kill you, they don’t qualify as helpful, and you should not listen to them ever. Removing spiritual beings who want to harm you is absolutely essential.

Clean up your energy body:

Take care of cleaning up your energy body, and getting back on track after doing drugs, and letting in the entities. They crawl in when we are hurt and traumatized.  They feed off our confusion. Pull them out, and send them packing, or pray for their release, and certainly don’t listen to anything they have to say when you are removing spiritual beings.

Imagine them leaving, speak to them in your head, encourage them to move on. Tell them they cannot stay with you any longer. Talk to them, and encourage them to move on. They often are confused, and don’t even know they are dead. To start removing spiritual beings, explain it to them they are dead, and get them to look around to see if they can see a brighter edge of light, or ask someone they know to come get them.

If they seem fragmented and not quite human, imagine pulling them out of your subtle energy body and releasing them. Clean your house very thoroughly and get rid of clutter. “Earth” such entities by using Chi Gong, and imagine pushing them down into the earth. One New Zealand teacher told me to imagine a big vortex of energy above operating like a kind of psychic vacuum cleaner, and then have them flush down into the earth and have them helped to evolve.

Route 99 in the Flinthills in Kansas

Route 99 in the Flinthills in Kansas

There are tantric ways of helping them by feeding them offerings and blessing them. Put the food in a high dry place as an offering.  Most people use Jesus or some other Higher Power for removing spiritual beings by evoking that protection and power. They won’t stay if you bring your energy way up, and get clear yourself, and fluff the energy in your home.

Psychic cleansing of your house may be necessary if they are colonizing it, and a whole group of slacker spirits are taking up residence. Removing spiritual beings might take a bit more work than can be done accidentally.

The best way I know of for removing spiritual beings from your house is to get a real good cast iron frying pan. Spreadf about a quarter inch of Epsom salts across the bottom.  Put no more than 1/16th inch of denatured alcohol in it, soaking the Epsom salts, and light it.  Walk the flaming pan through the space—it remakes the energy pattern. Be careful. Smudging with sage is also good.

Reclaim protections you have:

You’ve got to reclaim the space, inside and out. I don’t know your belief system but I’m sure it has a way of moving the confused lost souls onward. Stay away from drugs!!! These guys are likely earthbound because of trauma, abuse and addiction. They will hold you back and take your energy. Find a technique that works for you for removing spiritual beings that can suck you down.

Just keep sending them away. For some people continuous prayer helps. You need to strengthen your boundaries. Imagine a bubble of crystalline light all around you, like in 3 dimensions about 4 inches from your skin. Imagine God energy (however you know that) filling that vessel like raindrops of Grace.

Another way would be to imagine a suit of armor and put it on. You may need Reike, or some other techniques, to bring your energy up. Do you know any psychic healers? You probably need one.

Be very careful what you ask for, or you may be inundated like you were. Don’t ask to do work on a spiritual dimension that you are not skilled and knowledgeable at. Especially if you are under stress, or have active, energetic, emotional, or other vulnerabilities. Discernment, skills, and detachment are needed, as well as having support from a spiritual tradition.  You would need to get a really good teacher to go down that road who knows how to go about removing spiritual beings if you get in trouble.

Tallgrass in Kansas. It used to be as tall as a horse.

Tallgrass in Kansas. It used to be as tall as a horse.

I too have made mistakes and they can be very painful and costly, both energetically and from doing things like carrying around too much of an esoteric energy “charge,” and blowing out the entire electrical system of my car.

I learned from experience that when you go down the wrong road, you really really want to turn back. One of my teachers had me go back physically, and literally reverse a ritual where I opened myself to things/beings/energy that really did not work out well. You might consider doing that, and cancelling that invitation or ritual by doing the ceremony from the other day, but in reverse/backwards, to cancel it. You cannot really do work with people struggling with spirits and deal with the spirits.  It doesn’t usually work that way.

It is funny, but I was going to write you about tapes and music as being a good buffer, but you already figured that out. They can fill the space and keep you focused, and you don’t have to do anything but keep them on continuous loop. Compassionate thoughts for all lost souls and hungry ghosts,  may they all be healed.

Other suggestions that came from a different person than most of this blog ( a lady in Florida):

  • Ask the help of archangel Michael, ask for the violet flame of St Germain. (My friend in Kansas says be super careful with this – she had a bad experience.)
  • Get a raw egg or two, wash them with soap. When dry,.write your name on them, put on either side of your bed. Discard the egg if it cracks in less than ten days.and use new egg. For eggs that last 10 days, discard beneath old tree. Let tree transmute the energy to vibrant living.
  • Ask for helpers of the light

Be careful who you talk to when removing spiritual beings:

Mixing a lot of different energies/traditions is also dangerous at times. One of my best friends who is a shaman in a native tradition said that the spiritual world is like the periodic table in chemistry:  when you throw a lot of things together, the mixture can react and explode in your face.

The view from Teterville Rock, one of the highest spots in the Flinthills. Removing spiritual beings can help us enjoy a true connection to the creator.

The view from Teterville Rock, one of the highest spots in the Flinthills. Removing spiritual beings can help us enjoy a true connection to the creator.

This work is not part of any accepted paradigm, and people will discredit you super fast. They will think you are certifiably nuts or dabbling in witchcraft,, and many become horrified and judgmental. I loved the line that I heard once which was

  • for those who have no experience in (such realms) no explanation is possible,
  • and for those who do, no explanation is necessary.

Jesus talks a lot about problems of this sort, and offered a rude way of speaking of it in the line “casting pearls before swine”. I do wonder how the Voice Hearer’s network deals with this problem.

How to recuperate afterward:

There is a lot going on on this planet and removing spiritual beings comes up now and then.  It’s nice to know that some of the really strange stuff is known about and dealt with all the time by some good folks. I had to learn a lot to be able to deal with unusual states of consciousness across my lifetime (mine and other people’s).

I found what I learned comforting. Plus just knowing some skills for removing spiritual beings is good.  Is is very important to be compassionate toward self and others, even people who don’t believe as you do. It’s important to take care of oneself gently, to not contract into fundamentalism as some do because over expansion makes people feel lost or frightened.  Remember that the spiritual traditions have some warnings about pursuing spiritual or psychic gifts and that after a major shake-up people often feel let down for a period of time, that it might take years to understand a major spiritual emergency.

My other friend in Pennsylvania says the same thing:

There is always deep meaning in spiritual crises. Often, probably many more times than not, we desire the answer to the meaning of the crisis while we are in the crisis. This almost never happens. The Divine One waits for the storm to pass, the horizon to clear a bit and for us to calm down enough to listen in silence. The waiting is sometimes as painful and frustrating as the crisis. Patience is productive when waiting on an answer from the infinite One.

Breathe deeply Corinna. You are in the arms of the Divine One. She surrounds you with love and creativity as she is the creator herself. You are not alone. You are, right now, being healed. Relax into the love. Abide in it and your answers will come in the fullness of the Divine time.


 Do you have a story about removing spiritual beings?

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  • I must admit, I find this subject a bit frightening, however as a Roman Catholic, I appreciate what the church has done in this area.

    I’m not a theologian, but it’s my undertanding that the (Catholic) church does its best to rule out any underlying physical or emotional causes before making any assumptions about a posession.

    And, in the majority of cases, there are underlying traumas, etc. However, with that said, there is a belief in the Catholic Church that a person can become possessed by an evil spirit or demon, and can benefit from its removal…. Again, a frightening subject for yours truly, but I think real, nontheless.

    A little off-topic, this is a link for anyone looking for some spiritual guidance and support from a Christian perspective. The American Association of Pastoral Counselors –

    Be well,


  • Corrina;
    I was not sure of what spiritual beings you were talking about. After coming here to read this, I now have a better idea. Are you speaking about “possession”, etc etc.?

    This weekend, a very close friend of mine, and I were at Starbucks discussing the very topic of “evil’, “forces of evil”, an what motivates evil acts, etc. She is from a Muslim tradtion.

  • It’s wonderful that you are getting thoughts from this piece of writing as well as from our dialogue made here.