Why Support Poetry for Personal Power’s Indiegogo Campaign?

Poetry for Personal Power is now Wellness Wordworks’ premiere program and is filing for it’s own nonprofit status if we get your help on our Indiegogo campaign. Last fall we wrote a blog explaining our approach to stigma reduction,  and why social inclusion campaigns are so much better.  The main idea is that we teach all of the most valuable lessons of the recovery movement, about peer support, building resiliency and finding our own strengths. But we’ve put them together in a very short and simple package that we can send out to brand new audiences.

1. Everyone goes through adversity, and

2. The best way through is to talk to someone who’s been there,

3. And find what gives you personal power.

We work with spoken word poets, hip hop artists, and rappers to spread this message into the “cool kids” communities that would never touch mental health messaging with a ten foot mic stand. We teach them how to do grant writing, marketing, and event documentation so that they can access health care funding instead of just artist funding which is a much smaller pool.  This provides jobs for one of the most employment challenged demographic group in our country.

Right now we are using a crowdfunding campaign to build capacity. We would love help with the 501c3 filing fee, with finding new poets to sponsor, and to fund independent projects for our current featured poets.  Since we are working with a fiscal sponsor, this campaign is already fully tax deductible.

Support us on Indiegogo:


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