Survey on How Peers and Peer Services Use Social Media, Respond by Aug.10

The National Empowerment Center asks how peers use social media

The National Empowerment Center asks how peers use social media

This short survey is designed to help the National Empowerment Center understand of how peers and peer-run organizations use social media and online tools. NEC will also use this information to get a sense of how to best help meet technical assistance needs in this area among peers and peer-run organizations. This survey should only take 5-10 minutes of your time.

You can read the survey questions here, then click the link to access Survey Monkey to record and submit your responses.  Your response by August 10 is appreciated. Thank you so much for your time!

Survey Quetions

1. Please tell us a little about yourself (optional).

2. I would describe my level of comfort with social media as:

How You Use Social Media Now

3. Social media usage (check all that apply):
4. I (and/or my organization) use(s) the following online tools (check all that apply):
5. I have a personal website or blog (check all that apply):
6. My organization has a website or blog (check all that apply):

What Would Help Your Group Use Social Media?

7. My organization could use technical assistance around information technology in the following areas (check all that apply):
8. I would prefer the following methods of technical assistance/training on social media (check all that apply):

How Would You Like to Use Social Media

9. I would like to use social media/online tools to (check all that apply):
10. I would be willing to offer support or TA in social media areas such as conducting webinars, blogging, podcasting, using Skypevideo production, etc.

Could you or your group use social media better if you had help?

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