Discussion: What Does “Psychiatrized” Mean?

Editor’s note: This is a discussion that came from our UnDiagnosing Emotional Distress Facebook group.

Ken Braiterman: I think psychiatrized is when mental health professionals turn normal human feelings and behaviors that they would have themselves into symptoms of a psychiatric disease. It’s their way of not dealing with WHY you’re angry or depressed, and calling the anger and depression your “sickness.” It’s thinking all your problems come from a “chemical imbalance,” and psychiatric chemicals will make you well.

JF: The use of the medical profession to deal with non-medical problems of life. Denying women’s issues and instead applying derogatory

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Edward Duff: How truama changes the brain and behavior templates

Edward Duff talks about how trauma changes the brain. This is a response to an essay to be posted soon on Corinna’s personal site about “What Winning the Olympic Trials Taught me about Trauma-informed care.”

This post is an email conversation between Wellness Wordworks creative director Corinna West and Edward Duff about how trauma changes the brain. It’s reprinted with small edits and permission. Edward Duff is a policy analyst in Missouri. This means a lobbyist. We’ll post soon about what lobbyists really do and some ways around this. Edward is a survivor of many psychiatric diagnoses, incarceration, brain injury,

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