I Think “Anonymous” Will Completely Recover From Hitting Bottom

Understanding Why You Hit Bottom Allows You to Completely Recover

This blog started as a comment on Anonymous’s moving story of his damaging depression and hospitalization, and what the experience taught him about preventing another one. ButAnon said he’s not sure he’ll ever completely recover.

I started writing about why I think he will. I soon realized it was a separate blog, not a comment.

Anon says his creative spark has been dulled, and he’s not sure it will ever come back.

I’m almost certain Anon will completely recover his creative spark, especially since he’s been completely off

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Exercise makes me human

My mental health recovery really took off when I realized how much exercise makes me human

I was on the Olympic Judo Team and trained four hours a day from the age of about 13 until age 22. If I wasn’t at Judo practice, I was working out at home. When I was in high school, there was the night I did 1000 pushups in one night. I liked to read, so I used to make up workouts I could read to, like wall sits, where you sit with your thighs parallel to the floor in an imaginary chair. I’d

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