By Chris Foulke – Use Anger As a Tool

I am totally fed up with the discrimination I see in “Health Care” that masquerades as a legitimate treatment system and is basically a sickness care, disease management, and pharmaceutical distributrion network. As far as health and healthy people go, they don’t want them!

This man from the Ruiz West Pennway Graffiti Gallery in Kansas City might use anger as a tool

That’s us, the drugged, diffused, diagnosed, downtrodden, disease-having, dollar-producing “consumers,” but this is about the whole society, not just people who are physically stressed so that our brains are affected.

The ANGER is a tool,

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Cliff Wright – Why Anger Alone is Insufficient, Part 2 of 2

Anger Alone Is Not Enough

Anger alone is not sufficient to create change. It needs to be focused purposefully and strategically employed.

When you study the movements that have actually changed conditions and circumstances, you find outrage that becomes focused action, based on principles, values, and a clear actionable vision of the future, not anger alone.

How Anger Alone Becomes A Movement

People become a movement that finds its voice. Finding that voice, and using it purposefully, profoundly is the point and within the context of recovery, one of the surest signs of life after illness and loss.

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Clif Wright – Helpers Must Love and Listen

Helpers must love before they help

I would say to anyone wanting to become any kind of helper, no matter what their title, is helpers must love and listen.

This is manifest over and over in interactions with so-called consumers, clients, people in trouble, at risk, in transition, recovery, well and not so well. Folks like you and me trying to find their way.

Each of us is whole and complete and able within ourselves, capable of finding solutions within ourselves, finding a way to navigate our troubled waters, Though the solutions we are within us, sometimes we

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