Emotional Distress is Temporary

Recently I got an email from Jennifer Maurer from the Mother Bear Community Action Network. I met her at the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care Conference in North Carolina last September. She says, “I would love for you to write a page on ‘How Emotional Distress is Temporary.’ ”

Emotional distress is temporary and it comes when our personal resources are overwhelmed. We begin to get a bit separated from reality. Here is the biochemical mechanism for how this emotional distress is temporary and reversible. It may be super happy or super sad moods, it may be seeing

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The difference between temporary distress and permanent disease

One of the very important disctinctions to peer approaches to mental struggles is that we view problems as temporary and not permanent. It’s a repairable life situation problem, not a lifetime chemical or structural or genetic problem. This is one of the key ideas of the Open Dialogue Model that makes it effective.

Our distress versus disease model is an important paradigm shift to help promote solutions.

I know that in my own personal experience, I wasn’t that ill at the beginning. I became more ill after realizing that I might have these struggles for the rest of my life,

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Emotional distress causes psychosis

Sometimes it’s not genetic: how Emotional Distress causes psychosis, and not the other way around

The main reason to talk about emotional distress instead of a disease based approach is that it’s more accurate. The well shared theory is that genetic predisposition causes psychosis which causes emotional distress. However, when you look at the details, you’ll find that instead it’s the other way around. Emotional distress causes psychosis which causes genetic change. Many times the root cause is not genetic at all.

Genetic research leads to evidence that emotional distress causes psychosis

The claim that’s been made for many years

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