Talking Back to The Language Police

Language police control ideas as well as words

Recently, I got “beat up” by the language police in a bloody Facebook fight. I was charged with:

1. Using the term “SMI” to refer to the “Seriously Mentally Ill” population.

2. Asserting that conditions like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder were “organic brain disorders,” different than situational issues such as trauma-based depression or stress-related anxiety.

The “language police,” aware of my personal history with traumas from hospitalizations and misdiagnoses, blasted me for my “hypocrisy,” and “holier than thou” attitude. Many people shared stories of having been traumatized by narrow-minded

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Where Is Our Mental Health Culture?

NARSAD Artworks Sells Posters by People in Recovery

I’m an oboist who just happens to have a diagnosis, but there are very very few opportunities for me to get together with others in the mental health community to make music. We should do this outside our community, but when I had an episode, I lost my ability to read and play music. A mental health culture — others who might have similar problems — would help me get it back before I try again in the larger community.

Mental Health Culture: Making Our Own Art, Music, and

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