Psych Meds Hurt Me, But Helped Others, Part 2 of 2

Psych Meds Hurt Some, Help Others

Anti-psychotic medication made me psychotic, but I met several people during my journey through the mental health system that psych meds helped, at least during the time I knew them. Each individual reacts differently to every medication, and psych meds can help or hurt, at least in the short term.

I finally ripped myself off anti-psychotics, despite my bullying father’s unfair threat that he wouldn’t have a relationship with me if I didn’t take them. But when I stopped, the psychotic symptoms stopped. I was never really psychotic in the first

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What good peer support looks like

Randy Johnson (blue shirt) in a team building exercise to build good peer support in Kansas city

A story with an example of good peer support: Lots of people ask what really good peer support looks like. Here’s Ken Braiterman, our board chair’s story of how he build himself a great peer support team:

This post is a three way conversation that kind of started between Corinna West, and Adinah, our volunteer coordinator, and John, her good friend who is also a psychiatrist. We’re posting this conversation below to illustrate four things. 1) Good peer support has

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