Have an adventure every day!

This weekend we competed in The Trashboat Regatta. I like to have an adventure every day…. and this was mine. I hauled the boat down to the river and when I got there people asked if I knew a 1000 mile swimmer was going in. I put a note on his Facebook page and asked him to visit the conference I was at on the river over the weekend.

Me with Dave Cornthwaite and Ben Stiff from his crew. Alicia Staley is on the right. We all want to adventure every day in patient advocacy

It was

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Exercise makes me human

My mental health recovery really took off when I realized how much exercise makes me human

I was on the Olympic Judo Team and trained four hours a day from the age of about 13 until age 22. If I wasn’t at Judo practice, I was working out at home. When I was in high school, there was the night I did 1000 pushups in one night. I liked to read, so I used to make up workouts I could read to, like wall sits, where you sit with your thighs parallel to the floor in an imaginary chair. I’d

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Emotional distress causes psychosis

Sometimes it’s not genetic: how Emotional Distress causes psychosis, and not the other way around

The main reason to talk about emotional distress instead of a disease based approach is that it’s more accurate. The well shared theory is that genetic predisposition causes psychosis which causes emotional distress. However, when you look at the details, you’ll find that instead it’s the other way around. Emotional distress causes psychosis which causes genetic change. Many times the root cause is not genetic at all.

Genetic research leads to evidence that emotional distress causes psychosis

The claim that’s been made for many years

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