David Hilton, Part 3: The End of the Trail

What Got David Hilton in the End?

Refusing Medication, Substance Abuse, Previous Traumas, Defying Authority? Or All of The Above?

David Hilton lived his life in repeating, almost identical, two-year relapse cycles, each relapse longer, more dangerous, and damaging to him than the one before. I held David Hilton’s hand through his last three. Others, who knew him longer, say previous patterns were the same.

He’d get released from the state psychiatric hospital, stable on medication, with a court order to take his medication. He stopped his meds abruptly, as soon as he reached the hospital parking lot, went home,

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David Hilton, Part 2: Good Anger, Bad Rage

David Hilton Would Not Take Care of Himself

My Mentor Was A Giant in the Mental Health Empowerment Movement

Note: David Hilton, Part 1 looks at David Hilton’s contributions to the mental health empowerment movement, and being my mentor and partner in New Hampshire.


David Hilton

When facts and experience contradict an ideology, rational people question their ideology. Ideologues deny the facts and cling to their ideology.

My best friend, colleague, and mentor in the mental health recovery and empowerment movement, David Hilton (1953-2003), repeatedly ignored his own experience, and followed his anti-medication ideology to repeated episodes

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