Cliff Wright – The best ideas for reducing veteran suicide

Editors note: Cliff Wright wrote this essay in our UnDiagnosing Emotional Distress Facebook discussion group. We’d love you to join this group – We are talking about how to create a language that can move beyond labels and medications and the disease model of emotional distress. This discussion on reducing veteran suicide gave us all some new ideas. The participants gave us permission to reprint their comments.

Corinna West: “What is the best way to help veterans? For reducing veteran suicide? If one vet dies by suicide every 80 minutes, what is the solution to that problem?”

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How to Move Beyond Trauma

What is trauma?

One of the buzzwords in mental health care is truama-informed care. Many people don’t understand what trauma informed care is. To put in very easy terms, it’s the idea that maybe our mental health symptoms come instead from our trauma experiences. We can move beyond trauma. This is how.

In alternative circles, we often speak of how to move beyond trauma. Also to move beyond trauma we need to examine the basic concept. We published Edward Duff’s personal story and how he can move beyond trauma last week. One definition of trauma that resonates with me is:

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