The Importance of the New Collaborative Model

The new collaborative model

The new collaborative model

Collaboration is a good idea with something underlying.  Some people are torn between the traditional ideas of the industrial marketplace, and the newer, more collaborative model. Trying to put those traditional ideas inside this new collaborative model creates a lot of stress and friction.

The most powerful place to live within this competition between old ides and the new collaborative model is also the brightest hope for entrepreneurs and free enterprise.  The new collaborative model is NOT the marketplace model.

How do people  get compensated for their work, while doing good in that world?   Look at the new collaborative model. Find a way to make a profit.

“Three for you and one for me allows me to eat, while feeding you, and your ability to share with two others. If there was 10 of “us”, and only five had things to give, I would end up with more than I gave away – sustainable collaboration is based on needs, not wants. Help me help you build a village, and our villages will become our world,” Christopher Thompson said.

This is where I’m at in my own life, to divide my efforts within this new collaborative model, where I can really prosper, and do what I want to do, at the highest level.

Wellness Wordworks, and its soon-to-appear online peer community, Connect Power, are organized i.n line with the new collaborative model

An Overview of the New Collaborative Model

One good place to get an overview for this is Howard Rhinegold, on the Ted X video under collaboration.  In this video Rhinegold tracks how we came to this moment, the history of the corporate model, the survival of the fittest model.

The new collaborative model is worlds apart.  We can get together, move our resources into completely different kinds of organizations that are not dependent on the laws of the marketplace.  We have exponentially greater power.  The downside is we don’t know this yet.

It’s like the difference between swimming in the lake or swimming in an ocean. It takes a lot of principles to understand. You can see it and feel it, and know it’s happening. We’re kind of standing in the middle now. Rhineold gives you a broad view of it. The rest we have to make up.  Everyone else it making it up right now, too.

I’m stuck on the idea of initial conditions. I’ve watched a lot of groups, and you can tell where they’re going to end up by how they begin. I like seeing, thinking, and group thinking at the beginning. But at some point you have to jump into action.

We’re at a huge time in society. If we do the right kind of thinking at the beginnning, the right kind of collaboration, find the power available to us, we can really compete with Big Pharma and the mental health industry for the first time. It’s good to be clear about the difference between the profit-making, hierarchical corporate model and the new collaborative model.

 How would you fit into the new collaborative model?

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