Tina Minkowitz on How to Connect Deeply and Relate to a Person

I have heard many ways people can connect deeply.

One is just an intuitive, empathetic connection that sometimes happens when people understand each other.

I also believe we can cultivate an ability to listen and connect deeply, to set aside judgments about how other people  express themselves or react to a situation.  When I do  that, it often makes a real conversation possible. I’m not always successful at it, but I keep trying to learn.

Programs that Help People Connect Deeply


Soteria helps people connect deeply.

Soteria helps people connect deeply.

Ombudsperson programs, Soteria, and Open Dialogue all seem like practices that have successfully — in different ways — made it easier for diagnosed people to connect deeply. I don’t think it’s a cookie cutter approach or one size fits all.  I personally always want people to relate to me naturally, rather than follow any formula.  But any of these approaches could be put into practice by many people, or used to inform what people do in any peer support setting.

I also think that relating deeply to oneself can be the most important thing: some of us are more introverted, and others, more extroverted, To connect deeply to yourself, or reaching out, is something people can try when they are stuck.  Some kind of movement, or accepting that movement isn’t happening,, is some inner decision or choice.

What strategies or tools help you connect deeply?.

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