By Chris Foulke – Use Anger As a Tool

I am totally fed up with the discrimination I see in “Health Care” that masquerades as a legitimate treatment system and is basically a sickness care, disease management, and pharmaceutical distributrion network.  As far as health and healthy people go, they don’t want them!

This man from the Ruiz West Pennway Graffiti Gallery in Kansas City might use anger as a tool

This man from the Ruiz West Pennway Graffiti Gallery in Kansas City might use anger as a tool

That’s us, the drugged, diffused, diagnosed, downtrodden, disease-having, dollar-producing “consumers,” but this is about the whole society, not just people who are physically stressed so that our brains are affected.

The ANGER is a tool,  the ripe substance of the fruit that will grow into a new tree of consciousness of what needs to be! I am/ have been/ will be royally pissed off, but I’m learning how to deal with it and express it — use anger as a tool — so that people can not only hear but agree and to come along.

 To  Use Anger as a Tool, Understand What’s Behind It

I try to communicate the real substance of what is behind my anger.  If people just see the emotion,  it can turn them off — sort of a class thing — but with the understanding of why we are severely disgruntled and beyond, then we start to make progress, I think.

But we need organization and collaboration to make broader progress.  Individual warriors can only make small dents.   After a while, it doesn’t matter, and sometimes people just need to say things, regardless of the fineries.  It’s like young folks trying things to define ourselves.

Expressing negatives can often immediately free up the positives lurking below the surface, but to bring others along takes some doing. We need to respect and express the motive forces behind such anger.

"If peace is achieved through submission, I choose freedom through war." One of Corinna's favorite graffiti tags, now almost faded off.

“If peace is achieved through submission, I choose freedom through war.” One of Corinna’s favorite graffiti tags, now almost faded off. Not a great advocacy policy, but true sometimes.


Getting the Word Out, Developing Our Voice

We have to get the word out again and again and again, with more folks involved (hard when so many are sick and involved or apathetic.  But we are smart and trying!).

At this still incipient, stage, we really need to build places and venues for our opinions, developing our voice, sharing the stories and understanding of what’s really going on with wider audiences and building change we can support. Can we can act appropriately to help ourselves, and change a system at odds with its own goals (heal thy people!)?

Keep putting your fire out there, since the ‘flame’ needs some fuel. Fire and brimstone, flint and firewood.  We must find our voice — mostly by using it, not by thinking about 400 things we can do, and then doing nothing, but doing things and finding out what works!

We are some of the most intelligent people on earth. William Walsh, PhD, who was Research Director for Carl Pfeiffer Institute, pioneer in healthy treatment for the mislabeled ‘mentally ill’, says that most of the accomplished musicians, athletes, and even politiicans are ‘histadelic’ which is also a rough description of a natural biotype that comprises 15-20% of people diagnosed as schizophrenic and 35% of people now considered ‘bipolar.’

Nice to know we have so much potential. Nutrition is a way out of this swamp to drier land and greener pastures, making use of your innate potential.

Can  you use anger as a tool?

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