Using Twitter for More than Trivial Exchanges is Quick, Useful, and Fun

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A lot of people think using Twitter is pointless because it’s all just trivial conversations.

However, using Twitter is also a way to share Internet links with 100  or 1000 people that you highly respect, saying, “Here’s an article right along your interests.” It’s like a personalized magazine where you can interact with the authors.

People say they don’t have time for using Twitter, but you really don’t have time NOT to use it in specific and social messaging in general.

Using Twitter does not require you to be home at your computer You can send and receive “tweets” on “smart” cell phones.

There are tons of articles on using Twitter, the best ways to grow your Twitter following, and engage in full conversations with people.  It’s better to have a few followers that know who you are, trust you, and will send your stuff back out, than many followers who don’t truly engage with you.

Using Twitter for a Fun Conversation

This following conversation is a very funny one that took place with one of our Poetry for Personal Power fans.

Using Twitter from a cell phone

Using Twitter from a cell phone

@EdPend So…time to draw out my plan for asking who I am going to take to the Spring dance at Park, the final dance of my scholastic career.

@EdPend Plan A: …actually, that’s not happening. Already tried it.

@EdPend Plan B: Ask @mars_de_milo…I mean, people at Park know her, so…yeah. Oh, and the kickass factor she brings to the table.

@EdPend Plan C: Ask @WizardPops girlfriend behind his back…why do I suddenly feel like I won’t be able to do that???…

@WizardPops Wouldn’t argue that.

@ EdPend Plan D: Just ask openly on Facebook…this will probably end up being what I do…maybe. But I’ll be picky about it. 😉

@EdPend Plan E: Ask openly on Facebook, first come first served, no matter who.

@EdPend Plan F: Do what the one dude did. and ask some celebrity. I’m thinking…who’s my age that’s not nuts/on drugs?

@mars_de_milo  Kat DeF

@EdPend Lol but I was like the bad kid @ Park. It might damage your reputation a bit.

@mars_de_milo: it’s still a ways off.

@EdPend haha fair answer.

@WizardPops Then I shall counter with…

@WizardPops Brent Turner

@EdPend I feel like I should react so……here ya go

@DasNordlicht91 Wayne’s World

@mars_de_milo What rep? LOL

How can you get more from using Twitter?

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