By Yvette McShan – How to End Racism and Mentalism in the US, Part 1 of 2

My desire is for people to end racism in America peacefully, as human beings.  I believe that most human beings in America want to end racism for real — White, Red, Brown, Yellow, and Black.  I wish I could end racism all by myself, or with the Victorious Black Women  (VBW),  but I can’t.

But can we start to end racismamong ourselves, if no more than in dialogue.  That’s how movements get started.  Right?

End Racism

End Racism

We Can’t Afford NOT to End Racism

I and other African Americans, and people of color, have been personally affected by racism in education, housing, the criminal justice system, and health care.

At a private university, many people looked like me in the beginning of 2007 ” Today that has changed because I went the board of trustees, and told them to end racism. That’s another story.

However I paid a lot of money in loans for professors who do not look like me, who told me directly that people where I come from will not succeed, and that I’m basically incapable of learning.  That’s not what I was taught when I first came to school, to enable me to achieve a successful life in America.

They were unwilling to hear my voice, or respect me as a person deserving to be there, because of the process that got me there.  That’s another story, too.

However, I told my professors that my parents are homeowners with many properties, hard-working all their lives, and they taught us morals, character, and integrity by their example.  But it was a dysfunctional household of alcoholism, verbal and physical abuse, and adultery.

I left home at 13, to get out of there, and went to the street with people I did not know, rather than staying in a loving, but dysfunctional home.

From that street lifestyle came drug addiction, prostitution, strong-arm robbery, selling drugs, petty theft, and attempted murder.  Things might have been different if drugs and firearms had not been brought to my environment, if there had been more accessible  housing, employment, and food.

My story is no different than many other African Americans, or people of color, in America.

My Brother and His Cousin Paid With Their Lives

I have a brother in Pelican Bay State Prison  for murder, a maximum security prison for California’s worst offenders.  He’s been there since age 17; he’s 43 today.

His first cousin got killed in front of his parents’ home at the same age.   He was a dope dealer, whose parents were hard-working people, trying to give their family a better life than they had. My aunt still  hurts, and blames herself for her son’s death.  She does not realize all these things were part of a design to eliminate a particular people, and her son got caught in it, like so many people of color.

Like I said, can we start a positive dialogue?

That’s why I say Victorious Black Women will change African Americans, other people of color, and consumers of mental health services.  We have overcome, and will change the research into who we are. and how we are treated as a people.

What can you do to help end racism?


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